August 11, 2017

DrumLine Battle Indianapolis Performance Schedule

Eric Hjellming

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Pan Am Plaza:

11:00 EXHIBITION – INpact Indiana’s Future Band


International Division:

11:15a: The Company v. McMaster Marching Band

11:30a: Medellin Gran Banda v. The Diplomats

11:45a: Winner of Battle One v. Winner of Battle Two

12:00p: Consolation of Battle One v. Consolation of Battle Two

12:15p – 1:15p: Exhibition Performances


National Division:

1:15p: Black Star Drum Line v. Raiders

1:30p: Shadow v. 7th Regiment

1:45p: Winner of Battle Five v. Winner of Battle Six

2:00p: Consolation of Battle Five v. Consolation of Battle Six

2:15p: EXHIBITION: US Navy Silent Drill Team


Championship Battle:

2:30p: Winner of Battle Three v. Winner of Battle Seven


Georgia Street:

11:00a – 11:45a: Warm Up Zone

11:45a: U.S. Navy Silent Drill Team

12:15p-1:00p: Interactive Fan Drum Circle presented by Remo

1:15p-2:00p: U.S. Army Lift Off performance