Rules & FAQ

What is the size of a DrumLine Battle Zone?

Diagram of the DrumLine Battle “Battle Zone”: 12m x 12m, 2m neutral zone. Click the graphic above to see a visualization.

What are the competitive classes or divisions for DrumLine Battle events?

There will be all-age and youth-only divisions. Sub-divisions may be determined once we start to see the composition of the groups desiring to compete.

What is the size of a DrumLine Battle Unit?
DrumLine Battle units can have anywhere between 3 and 30 members.
How long does a DrumLine Battle last?

Each group will have 1.5 to 2 minutes for each round. Live events feature two rounds, while Virtual battles are one round only.

Below is a video of an example battle by Thailand’s E-Sarn Drumline.

How will live DrumLine Battle events be judged?
Showmanship is the primary focus of these events combining presentation and expression. The objective is to “fire-up” the audience and out-battle or out-perform your opponent!
Are points awarded for technical merit?
Technique and precision are important and are an essential tool in entertaining the audience.
What instruments are 'legal' in DrumLine Battle competition?

Instruments must be carried on to the battle zone. Main instruments are battery percussion (snare, tenors, bass, cymbals), but participants may use other instruments only if carried on to the battle zone.

An example of this is also E-Sarn, who carries long conga-shaped drums:

How do judges choose the DrumLine Battle victor?
The crowd will know and their reaction may have some influence over the final decision.  To make it fair, judges will huddle immediately following the battle. The winner will be announced immediately based on judges opinion and crowd reaction.
What are the DrumLine Battle judges looking for?
There will be a minimum of three judges at every DrumLine Battle event. There will be one judge focused on presentation, one on drumming and at least one focused on judging the overall battle.
What does it cost to compete in a DLB?
  • Virtual battles are free to enter!
  • For the summer of 2017, participation fees will be as follows:$150 Exhibition Performances
    $450 SoundSport International Music & Food Festival
What is the formula for creating a winning battle performance?
Great drumming… stunts… great drumming… one-upsmanship and great drumming will combine to elevate the victor to the recognition they so justly deserve.


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