Impact Percussion, Ontario, Canada

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Release Date: June 15, 2014


Impact Percussion is a percussion based educational and entertainment organization out of Hamilton, ON. We strive to build awareness and promote the percussive arts by allowing the youth a healthy, team atmosphere similar to that of organized sports.

Impact was started up in 2010, by a group of local marching percussionists who have similar goals of giving back to an activity that strongly impacted their childhood. They all wanted to create entertainment style percussion ensembles, and create community based programs to get the youth involved at a young age.

The other side of Impact’s offerings is Program Assistance. Whether you have new group starting up or an established group in need of assistance to take the next level, we have programs to assist these groups at any level. Our intent is to help ensure that many percussion based programs are thriving in the area to help create a major awareness of this great activity that positively impacted all of us